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Moulds & fungi

Moulds release tiny seeds called spores into the air, which can trigger asthma symptoms in some people. Spores are released when there is a sudden rise in temperature in a moist environment, such as when central heating is turned on in a damp house, or wet clothes are dried next to a fireplace.

Mould spores are found in any damp place - from piles of autumn leaves and woody areas, to bathrooms, kitchens and even piles of damp clothes.

To help avoid this trigger: 

  • Ensure the house is well ventilated.
  • Ensure damp and mould in the home is treated quickly.
  • Avoid areas (such as gardens or compost) that may contain mould spores.
  • When showering or cooking, keep internal doors closed to prevent damp air from spreading through the house and use extractor fans.
  • Try not to dry clothes indoors, store clothes in damp cupboards or pack clothes too tightly in wardrobes.