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Life after death

Bequeath will help HKAS continue to serve asthma and allergy patients and their families. Your love will continue to reach others.

We may have different ideas about bequeath. But it is not complicated at all. Here are some examples on how to do it:

Donation of the remaining estate

It is to donate the remaining estate or part of the remaining estate after bequeathed portions, tax, expenses and debts are deducted. The value of the donation will change as the value of the assets changes. You may make specific arrangements for your family or next of kin, and this is a more organised way of giving.

Monetary gifts

You may designate an amount of money to the HKAS when you write or amend your will.

Special gifts

Donations can also be in the forms of stocks, real estate or other types of property.

Make the HKAS a beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

For details, please browse the website of LifeCare Movement.

You are our partner!

We are pleased to talk with you about various forms of bequeath. Please call Miss Cynthia Chan, our Centre In-charge at 2895-6502 or email her at

All information is kept strictly confidential.

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