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Treatment options of Pneumonia

Pneumonia patients may wheeze when breathing. An X-ray examination may tell whether a person has pneumonia, and help assess the severity of the condition and predict the development of complications.

To find out whether the condition is caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses, measure the number of different white blood cells is helpful.

For bacterial or fungal pneumonia cases, a microscope may be used to examine the sputum. A sputum culture is conducted to find out the causative agents.

Bronchoscopy is performed to examine the airway and take a sample of inflamed tissues for further tests.

Patients should maintain good nutrition and take enough rest. Taking more liquid will help clearing of sputum. Avoid using cough suppressants or sputum and germs will accumulate. Follow the prescription as instructed and complete the course of treatment. In case of severe pleural effusion or empyema, thoracentesis can be performed to remove the pleural liquid.