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About us

Target clients

Asthma and allergy patients and their families 

Our service

1.     Patients’ support service

Patients can learn to face difficulties and challenges and enjoy higher self-esteem through encouraging and sharing with one another.

  • Care training courses
  • Small group workshops
  • Thematic talks
  • Water training courses
  • Hotline service
  • Hospital team

2.    Social and recreational activities

We organise different activities to widen members’ social circle and horizon, and to enrich their lives. This helps them make friends and form a network, leading to a more rewarding life.

  • Member sharing
  • Hiking
  • Guided eco-tours
  • Hobby classes
  • Member sharing (repeated above)
  • Gathering on festivals
  • Annual dinner

3.    Public education activities

  • To offer training to professionals like kindergarten teachers and prospective teachers and physical exercise teachers in the Institute of Education so that they will learn more about the needs of children with asthma, how to care for them and the proper use of medication, to ensure suitable care for young patients.
  • Regular talks on health and well being offered by specialists. Some of the topics are pregnancy and asthma, asthma in children and infants, elderly and asthma, occupational asthma, general knowledge in Chinese medicine, allergies (nasal allergies, eczema, food allergy), sports and asthma, and health issues of the respiratory tract. We aim to enable people in general to deal with asthma and allergies.
  • Street exhibitions to promote the awareness of the public on asthma and allergy patients, and to eliminate prejudice and misunderstanding, making it easier for patients to lead a normal life.
  • Our consultant doctors and nurses are pleased to offer talks on health, teacher-training programmes, and workshops for young patients and parents at schools and other organisations. Please call 2895 6502 for more details.