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Mission and vision

The HKAS aims to help asthma and allergy patients lead a normal life. Our different support services enable patients, their families and people in general to learn more about the causes of the diseases and how to prevent them. We also build a support network so that members can help one another.


  1. Educate asthma and allergy patients and their families about the diseases.
  2. Facilitate communication among patients and their families so that they can share their difficulties and encourage one another.
  3. Organise recreational and social activities to enrich members’ life and enhance their physical and mental health.
  4. Promote awareness of these diseases among the public.
  5. Promote patients’ welfare and green issues, and defend legitimate rights.

Meaning of our logo

Can you tell the meaning behind our logo?
Our logo consists of the English letter A, which stands for asthma, and the Chinese character pronounced as ‘yan’ in Cantonese which stands for people, meaning that our services are people-oriented. The green part on the right is the inhaler asthma patients often use. With more understanding on medication and treatment, and better self-management, asthma and allergy patients can lead a normal life.